Well known and much loved within the industry, Plum Pudding is a British Agency representing illustrators and authors from all over the world. An incredibly dynamic, passionate and proactive agencie. Specialising in children’s illustration, Plum Pudding’s exceptional knowledge of the industry, extensive contacts and immense love and passion for what they do, coupled with a firm belief in retaining a close, personal relationship with all those they represent, makes them one of the most successful and popular agencies in the business.


Mark Mills, Founder and Director of the Agency (and a very good friend of us), has been joining IlustraTour since 2011 and turning portfolio reviews into a solid professional opportunity, as well as promoting a great chance for illustrators to go beyond the Spanish market: the Plum Pudding Prize. These are the activities of IlustraTour 2014 where we are happy to welcome Plum Pudding, once again!:

- Mark Mills will be doing some portfolio reviewing in IlustraTour Network, the biggest space for professional exchange about illustration, where illustrators, publishers and other professionals meet every year to share their work. If you are an illustrator and you take part in the Weekend Seminars “Dibuja tu mapa / Draw your map”, you can apply for an appointment and show your work to publishers, agents, gallery directors and other professionals from the international market taking part in IlustraTour Network. You can send your request until June 15, following this instructions.

-  Don’t miss the announcement of the winner of the 3rd Plum Pudding Prize! It will be on Saturday 5th during the weekend Seminars! Plum Pudding comes back to IlustraTour in order to keep tearing down borders and helping illustrators to approach the international publishing industry with this genuine competition. Good proof of it is the testimony of 2013 edition’s winners! And much more: Fiz Osborne, from Bloomsbury Publishing, publisher of Harry Potter and other international successful titles, will be part of the jury with Mark Mills, director of Plum Pudding Agency. Both of them will be doing the announcement. Also, Yorokobu magazine is joining the prize this year, supported by British Council too. You can send your proposal for Plum Pudding Prize until June 15th. 

Thanks to Plum Pudding Prize and the presence of the Agency in the festival, some Spanish illustrators -attending IlustraTour in the last 2 editions of the Prize- have joined the Agency, becoming part of the artists they are always proud to represent. And thanks to that, those illustrators have signed up for several and important publishing houses: some of the Spanish illustrator who have been lucky to achieve so are: Ana Campos, Isabel Aniel – Simon and Schuster USA-, Lucía Serrano, Mar Ferrero –Random House UK–, Sara Sánchez, Mónica Carretero –Ladybird UK, Chunjae Educational, Miles Kelley–, Tamara Anegón –Orion Publishing, Glottogon, Academy Films, Skyhorse USA–,  Marta Costa –OUP UK, Parragon, Ladybird UK–, Marta Cabrol –Ladybird UK, Child’s Play, Editions Lito–, Adrián Puglisi – Scholastic UK, Maverick Arts, Capstone US–, and Marta Álvarez – Ladybird UK–.


You can take part in IlustraTour Network and Competitions if you are attending IlustraTour Seminars. Sign up here for the Weekend Seminars “Dibuja tu mapa/Draw your map”, sharpen your pencils and take this opportunity to make everyone know your work.