We are glad to share our last signing-up for IlustraTour Seminars: Small World Publishers, probably the most exclusive and diverse association of independent and artistic publishers!

“Petra Ediciones (Mexico) Les Trois Ourses (France) One Stroke (Japan) & Tara Books (India). Diverse publishers, but together we are Small World”


How do we managed to gather all them in IlustraTour? Well, it all started in October, 2013: We already had on board the great artist Katsumi Komagata, founder of One Stroke, his own graphic design studio. So we had already included Japan in our IlustraTour’s map… Well done! (we thought), but we aimed to go further…  So we started the way to México: we went to the Guadalajara Book Fair and met there Peggy Espinosa, from Petra ediciones. We immediately felt fascinated for her work as a publisher (let’s say she really has a nose for good books). Next stop: France! Last year in IlustraTour, we had already met Aude Séguinier, from the artistic association of Les Trois Ourses. We were so kin on their work, that we get back to them during  the last Bologna’s Book Fair. It was there, at the same stand (all Small World Publishers share the stand in the Fair), that we immersed ourselves into India: we met Gita Wolf, Founder and Publisher of the genuine Tara Books.


Back to Spain, we kept on looking for a way of making all this Small World Publishers travel to IlustraTour. How could we manage to afford such trips and to match personal schedules? Well, luckily, Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), through its PICE Program, gave us the necessary support to help those wonderful publishers make their way to Spain! Now, we can’t wait to see them again and learn from their diverse experiences and common values!

It has been a long journey until here… and we are eager to arrive to the final destination: Valladolid!

What can we say? It’s a complete honor to welcome them. Just in the last few months, for example, Petra ediciones won the BOP, the prize of the best publisher of Central and South America!. Tara Books also won the inaugural International Book Industry Excellence Award, in the Trade Children’s & Young Adult Category. Just to mention some of the international recognitions achieved by these singular publishers. Apart from that, they share a special care above the work of Katsumi Komagata, which they publish in their different countries and languages. His books are so amazing that two exhibitions were organized by Les Trois Ourses and Hamelin around the Katsumi Komagata’s work during the last Bologna book fair.

We want to strongly encourage all illustrators, editors, specialists and illustration’ lovers, to come over and join this great session with the members from Small World in the Weekend Seminars of IlustraTour. on Saturday, 5th July, at 4.30 pm, right after the Katsumi Komagata’s talk, “the books were born”. Moreover, all illustrators attending IlustraTour Seminars will be able to ask for an appointment with Petra ediciones, Les Trois Ourses and Tara Books. A great opportunity of meeting these publishers from different continents in the same place at the same time! The deadline for applying for IlustraTour Network appointments is June, 15th! Check out for participants and conditions here.

We take care of the trips and schedules. You just need to do your registration here



About Small World Publishers:
“Les Trois Ourses, France; Petra Ediciones, Mexico; Tara Books, India; One Stroke, Japan.”

We are a group of independent publishers and professionals from different continents sharing a vision of what children’s books can be. The books we bring out are very different, and each publisher has a distinctive ethos, but these are the principles which unite us:

- pushing the boundaries of what children’s books could be
– small independent publishers bring in a large range of voices and perspectives
– innovation and experimentation should be encouraged
– hands on work with workshops and events
– art and design are part of the content as much as text
– finding and encouraging talent in unexpected places
– mutual exchange of ideas and other forms of support
– sales figures are not the only indication of a book’s success
– challenging narrow categories of children’s books: the book for all ages

We work together at many levels – partnerships between each other, sharing a stand in Bologna, exchanging contacts and support. The small and local is important to us, but we believe the world is large. We would be happy to share our knowledge and resources with other independent publishers across the world.”

(text and images from Small World Publishers’ Facebook public profile)